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CkeyiN 5 in 1 Radiofrequency Facial Lifting Mesotherapy RF EMS Face Lifting LED Photon Firming Anti Aging Beauty Acne Wrinkle

CkeyiN 5 in 1 Radiofrequency Facial Lifting Mesotherapy RF EMS Face Lifting LED Photon Firming Anti Aging Beauty Acne Wrinkle

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Radiofrequency Facial Lifting Mesotherapy RF&EMS Face Lifting 5 in 1 LED Photon Firming Anti Aging Beauty Acne Wrinkle Remover


This beauty instrument adopts with EMS current, electroporation technology, RF radio frequency and LED, what multifunctional it is, so that it can solve many skin problems.


The EMS current can activate cell and create new collagen, finally make you skin become more firm, more energetic and elastic, improve the fine lines and wrinkles on the surface of the skin.


The electroporation technology can create the gap between cells for a short time, which make skin absorb more skin care products.

❥RF radio frequency

RF radio frequency can relieve muscle pain and skin fatigue, ease skin tension, reduce redness, swelling and pain, and resist repeated growth of acne.

❥LED light

LED light have pink, yellow, green, blue and pink flash light six modes. These LED light can whiten skin, brighten skin tone, promote the regeneration of collagen, inhibit the excessive production of melanin and contractive pore etc.


The product have 5 intensity level to choose, you can adjust it according to skin type and personal preference.

❥Pink light:

Pink light: wave length:700nm (±10nm)
Whitening skin,suitable for darker skin.

❥Pink Flashlight:

Pink Flashlight: wave length: 700nm (±10nm)
Strengthen the penetration of the beauty solution or gel.

❥Yellow light:

Yellow light: wave length: 590nm (±10nm)
To brighten skin tone and apply to people with splash and dark skin.

❥Red light:

Red light: wave length: 620nm (±10nm)
Promote the regeneration of collagen and make the skin elastic.

❥Green light:

Green light: wave length: 520nm (±10nm)
Inhibit the excessice production of melanin and make the skin more white.

❥Blue light:

Blue light:wave length: 620nm (±10nm)
Antiphlogidtic,sedative and fine pores,suitbale for acene or oily skin.


Material: ABS

Input: DC5V(500mA)

Power: Max 10W

Battery capacity: 850mAh

Charging time: 3 hours

Use time: 10mins/time

Standby time: 40 days


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