Welcome to Fashion Discounts & we hope you will enjoy reading our latest post on the best boxers, jockstaps, breifs and underwear a man can by. Take a cup of tea or coffee and start reading why it is so important to buy the best quality boxers, breifs or jockstaps. We will also tell you a bit about the brands we have decided to start working with and why we have chosen these brands.

Let´s start with what is Fashion Discounts and why are we here and why are you here. The owners of Fashion Discounts are a small group of people who were fed up of majour brands selling products with way too expensive prices and having massive markups.

After pondering and thinking about this they decided to open their own store to ensure that everyone can afford to by the best possible men´s and wome´s fashion without having to diet for weeks to get the shirt, shoes or pants that they have been looking for!


jockmail underwear


Now let´s get to the reason why we have chosen these three underwear brands. For starters, we wanted to start working with brands that are well known and respected. jockmail best seller

JOCKMAIL UNDERWEAR - Our first pick was as they are a well known underwear and swimwear brand and they focus on quality, so this was a easy pick for us. They also offer several different models, like boxers, jockstaps, swimwear, sportswear and fetishwear.

As they offer a wide selection of men´s products we chose to start working with this excellent brand. Don´t take our word for when it comes to the quality and the products offered by JOCKMAIL, you can read tens of reviews on our website from satisfied customers!




CMENIN UNERWEAR - Them we came to the conclusion that one is not enoug and we found CMENIN, this is yet another brand that offers Men’s underwear, swimwear and much more.

CMENIN - Men´s Low Waist Briefs - 4Pcs

They have also taken a very different approach to mens underwear and ensured that every body type can and will look sexy when waring them. Check out our favourite underwear pack from CMENIN, these are so comfortable to wear and this 4-pack is also one of our most sold models and it is on discount now, so don´t think too long!

This Men´s Low Waist 4-pack from CMENIN is something that every man should have in their wardrobe, this will ensure that you feel sexy and at the same time it will keep everything there where they should be.




PUMP! UNERWEAR - Then last but not least comes probably one of the most known men´s underweare brands PUMP! They are a brand from Canada that offer the hottest high-quality undeweare from men.PUMP Men´s  Low Waist Underwear 6pack

Pump has undewear, swimwear and outerwear, so this is ideal for fashionable and outgoing men. When ordering from Fashion Discounts, you can get everything you need for sports, underwear and they even have some really sexy jockstraps!

If you are not familiar with this underwear brand, we have to absolutely insiste that you check out this Men´s Low Waist Underwear Pack where you get a set of six and this way you have this way you will have a set for all days of the week!




If you are still reading this article, we want to share a few more reasons why men should invest in good quality underwear, we promise, we are nearly done! If your latest purchases have been strictly practical, it’s time to branch out and try something new. The right pieces can completely transform how you feel about yourself and your relationship.

Various men believe that spending money on lingerie is just a waste of money. They believe that nothing will change if you wear brief underwear priced at $16 or a pack of underwear priced at $10. But it matters.JOCKMAIL - Cotton Underwear for Men

Your men's underwear should provide you with comfort and not irritate you. We are not saying that you will feel irritated if you pick cheap, quality lingerie. You will not attain the kind of comfort you should.

And it is a fact that men have no clue about solace until they invest in better quality men's briefs. Some men are fine wearing men's boxer brief underwear, which is average.

But it's time to realise the importance and need for good quality brief underwear because underwear is the most important part of our clothing. It's like a solid foundation, and if your solid foundation is not rock solid, how can you expect to stay in a rock-solid house?


  1. They last longer - Nothing more frustrating than putting on your favourite pair of undies and discovering a hole, overstretched waistband or wandering thread. When you invest in quality underwear, you can save yourself from the embarrassment of ragged underwear. 

  2. They’ll benefit your health - The right underwear can be good for you! Breathable underwear with moisture-wicking technology prevents yeast infections by removing moisture and bacteria from your skin. If moisture is trapped, it can increase the risk of a bacterial or yeast infection. Feel like freshening up midday (lunchtime yoga, anyone)? Our underwear is so light you can roll it up and toss it into your bag for work, and it takes up less space than a lip balm. 

  3. They feel SO good - Good quality underwear is more comfortable. High-quality, seamless underwear lies flush against the skin and doesn’t dig in, so you won’t feel like you have an extra layer of clothes on all day. And because they won’t show panty lines, you can wear any bottoms with them. Plus, when you use high quality underwear you will just feel so much better during your day and even at the end of the day!


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