Jockstaps - Underwear - Swimwear - Fetishwear

Jockstaps - Underwear - Swimwear - Fetishwear

The Importance of Men's Underwear


Jockstaps - Underwear - Swimwear - Fetishwear - Underwear is the most intimate of garments, pressed close to the body, whether it is exposed publicly or kept privately hidden beneath an outer layer. A person wearing underwear is "simultaneously dressed and undressed" (Valerie Steele, ‘Clothing and Sexuality’).

Historically, those garments we now popularly understand as underwear were predominantly publicly unseen, keeping with the prevailing attitude of 'out of sight, out of mind'. Today, while still primarily private, men's underwear has become increasingly visible and public, mainly through advertising and in popular visual culture.

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Men's underwear has performed multiple purposes: for protection, modesty and adornment; as an indicator of social status; and for support and for sexual or erotic purposes. Underwear protects the body from the environment and abrasion from outer clothes, as well as those garments from the body.

It preserves modesty, by keeping the body covered in socially and morally acceptable forms. The visible parts of undergarments offer opportunities for decoration and adornment. The number of garments owned and visibly displayed beneath outerwear can give an indication of the wearer's social status. Men's underwear has supported the genitals as well as shaping the waist, torso and legs.

It reflects and enhances sexuality and sensuousness, particularly when considered in the context of the role that concealment plays in the eroticism of clothing, calling attention to the body beneath the clothes.

Men’s underwear has very important work to do. Men’s underwear has to support and shape very sensitive areas of the body. If your underwear doesn’t fit well, you’re going to have to deal with chafing, aches, and general discomfort.

If your underwear doesn’t look good, however, that can have an affect too. You want your underwear to support your style. You want it to add to your look as a whole. Even more importantly, however, investing in your men’s underwear experience is a way to invest in yourself. How you think you look matters.



Shaping the Male Body

Before the late 19th century, padding and corsetry was employed by men to create an ideal fashionable body shape beneath outer layers. Army officers occasionally wore stays or corsets, fops and dandies to promote an intelligent appearance and attain the correct and fashionable posture. A pinched-in waist and high collar was a staple of the awesome fashionable image in the early 19th century, caricatured in the etching The Acme of Fashion, showing 'y'r honour' lying on a table having his collar and cravat ironed to make it "as stiff and smooth as a Billiard table."


This rigidity is reflected in the visible laced corset the nobleman wears over his shirt. The Workwoman's Guide of 1840 noted that men wore corsets during athletic activities such as horseback riding and hunting and 'violent exercise' echoing the servants' concern in The Acme of Fashion that 'y'r honour don't suffer much fatigue'.

The early 21st century has seen a return to underwear that enhances or 'constructs' the idealised male physique. In 2008 Andrew Christian released underpants with 'Anti-Muffin Top elastic' designed to help reduce the appearance of love handles. Such 'compression' technology was also used in undershirts and vests to 'transform the torso and chest', making the wearer "look sharper, stand taller and feel stronger", as claimed on the packaging for Spanx's 2010 shapewear T-shirt. Many compression garments (for both the upper and lower body) were designed to support muscles, reduce injury during exercise, move moisture away from the body, and provide anti-bacterial qualities and body shaping.


Men’s Fashion Can Be Revealing

Form is as important as function in men’s underwear because men’s fashion can get a little revealing. If you plan to be out at the club on the weekends, you need a set of underwear that won’t embarrass you if your trousers slide down a little bit. With men’s fashion, you’re often left choosing between the ultra-skinny jean and something baggy enough to flash a little booty. You’ll feel more confident and fare better if you’re not flashing some white-turned-grey pair of saggy old tighty whities. Slip on something comfortable before your briefs betray you.



Better Underwear Makes You Look Better

Form and function intersect when it comes to fit. A well-fitted set of men’s underwear will provide you with comfort and support. Well-designed underwear will also help you keep a good silhouette, whether it’s through your clothes or on its own. Anything that makes you look better in your clothes is worth its weight in gold. Underwear that’s designed to be attractive will help.


How You Think You Look Matters!

There’s a reason that the standard advice in life is “fake it ‘til you make it”. If you’ve ever heard cliché advice about wearing bright red “power underwear” to feel confident at the office, don’t write it off as pointless.

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Sure, feeling more confident because you know you look great in your underwear is a placebo effect. You don’t magically become more eloquent when your underwear would make someone do a double-take.

The placebo effect is effective, though. What’s the difference between confidence you gain because you look great, and confidence you gain by any other means? You’re going to reap the rewards either way. If your opinion of yourself matters, why not really make it count?




From private to public – designing and promoting men's underpants

Until the 1930s, men's underwear was generally concealing of the body beneath. 19th-century underpants were of two lengths: short to be worn under breeches, and long for wearing under pantaloons and trousers. Variously made of knitted or woven linen, cotton, wool or silk, these followed shapes that had been developed in previous centuries to accommodate the fashionable styles of men's outer clothing. Of course, not all men wore such garments; those from lower classes often used their shirt tails pulled between their legs for protection and cleanliness. 

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Changes in production and the increase in commercial manufacture resulted in innovations for front fastenings, back openings, ribbing for ankles and loops on the waistband for braces to pass through. Around the end of the 19th century, commercial manufacturers began to advertise their new, often patented, undergarments, highlighting their fit, comfort and construction. Sometimes these advertisements used the idealised male bodies of classical sculpture rather than real men's bodies, to avoid concerns about representation of the semi-clothed male body.


Which Type of Underwear is Right for You?

There are many different types of men’s underwear. The type that fits you depends on your personal preference and the types of activities that you do. Among the most notable are:

  • Briefs: these provide the most support. Briefs are well-suited for those with an active lifestyle.
  • Boxer shorts: these are shorts that are worn as undergarments. Boxer shorts are loose and are usually quite comfortable.
  • Boxer briefs: these are for men who want the comfort of boxer shorts but the snug fit of briefs.

When it comes to men's underwear, not much technology or innovation has occurred in several hundred years. Due to innovations created by Underwear For Men, men's underwear hasn't been better. This garment no longer has to be a necessary evil. In fact, it should be a garment you love to wear and get support from.

All too often, men generally lack 'underwear etiquette' and they wear their underwear for far too long before finally getting rid of them. Switch to Underwear For Men if you are ready to get support for your manhood, anti-chafing properties, and a properly fitting waistband. Men's underwear does matter.

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3 Reasons Why is Underwear Necessary?

Going commando is indeed comfortable. However, the benefits of wearing underwear are too great to ignore. Some of these benefits include:

  1. They keep your outerwear clean - Any substance that your body releases, whether they be solid or liquid, can stain your clothes. This can be a nightmare, especially if you’re wearing thin or light-coloured clothing. Anyone who’s ever had a bad case of diarrhoea outside the house would know what it’s like. Fortunately, your underwear helps provide an extra barrier of cloth between your body and your clothing. Minor “accidents” should not be a problem since staining can be prevented by underwear.

  2. Underwear helps your clothes last longer - Your clothes are regularly exposed to the elements whenever you are out. Constant exposure can whittle away at their durability and eventually lead to damage. Did you know that this also happens when clothes are in contact with your skin? Your bodily fluids, especially sweat, can destroy clothes. Wearing jocks makes sure that the sweat coming from your groin area is kept away from your outerwear. This helps in keeping them durable for much longer.

  3. It keeps sensitive areas away from outerwear - Outerwear isn’t always made of skin-friendly materials. This is especially the case for many men’s apparel. Denim jeans, for example, can be quite rough, tough, and abrasive on sensitive skin. The skin in the groin, genitals, and related areas are a lot more delicate than those in other parts. Wearing underwear can help protect your skin against the rough materials of your outerwear. This, in turn, prevents skin damage and abrasion.




Why are Jockstraps So Comfortable?


What is a Jockstrap and How Does It Help?

Jockstraps are often used in the medical and athletic sectors, mainly to help support the scrotum. They are designed to be worn around your waist and hold the scrotum in place, keeping it safe and secure throughout the day. But jockstraps are often bulky, restricting, and uncomfortable. Let's take a look at what kind of benefits we can get from a jockstrap.

Jockstraps Help Battle Body Heat - Since jockstraps are designed to keep you out from between your legs, they help eliminate the added body heat that can occur when your body parts are right up against one another. The design is also fairly minimal, offering only a pouch and straps to go around your legs and waist. This allows for more body heat to escape and a nice breeze to come through when possible.

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The hotter you get, the more uncomfortable you will be, so anything you can do to decrease the heat in your groin area (which is already one of the hottest parts of your body) is a great benefit. Especially if you are doing things outdoors where the temperatures can get very high.  

Isolate Your Manhood - Standard underwear falls well short of expectations when men are looking for true isolation. They tend to just smash everything between your legs or against your thigh. Which is why they have turned to jockstraps for years. The jockstrap holds your manhood against the pelvis area, keeping it up and out of harm's way. But this is usually accomplished by using compression which is not always the most comfortable form of isolation and support. While this does the job well enough for most, every man is different and has different ideas on being comfortable. 

Are Jockstraps Comfortable? 

Jockstraps were designed for function, not comfort. They combine more unique designs, wrapping around your legs and waist, with a compressed pouch used to press yourself into your pelvis area. A combination of compression and support works well when it comes to keeping you in place. But they often feel restricting  since your package is compressed so much and the legs straps can be uncomfortable since they have to be fairly tight in order to stay in place. 




5 Reasons Why Every Man Should Wear a Jockstrap

For men, when it comes to protecting their genitals, let’s just say the struggle has been long and hard. (Puns always intended.)Invented over 140 years ago, jockstraps were originally designed to help bicycle messengers in Boston support their you-know-what's when traveling across the city's bumpy cobblestone roads. From there, the jockstrap continued to make a name for itself as a go-to protective undergarment for athletes, evolving to feature the infamous protective cup that saves athletes a lot of grief and anguish.

But here’s the thing:

Jockstraps are NOT exclusive to athletes ‒ and more men ARE making them a part of their everyday wardrobes.

History lessons, nut cups, and schoolboy puns aside, what makes a jockstrap so special? Why are they the superior choice to other types of men’s underwear? Stop associating jockstraps with smelly rocker rooms and discover five reasons why every man should wear a jockstrap! Wood has the scoop.


  1. Optimal Support & Lift - Let's cut to the chase: Nothing is more awkward than having the boys slip out of your underwear mid-conversation or out in public. Improper sizing has a lot to do with this phenomenon ‒ but the style and the type of underwear make all the difference between a man’s assured confidence and a cringe-worthy faux pas.

    Designed with two elastic, non-binding waist straps that run left and right from the base of the frontal pouch, a jockstrap conforms to your natural size and shape, providing ample coverage, lift, and support WITHOUT all the excess fabric.Maybe you have zero problems or shame adjusting the boys in public (and if so, all power to you).

    With a jockstrap, however, you won't ever need to run for cover or Houdini your way out of an uncomfortable slip-out or wedgie. Did we mention ZERO wedgies possible?! No strain, No sag.Dig the sounds of that? Read on to discover more reasons to wear a jockstrap!

  2. All Day, Everyday Comfort - Underwear shouldn't be uncomfortable. Yet time and time again, your underwear leaves you feeling confined and unable to move freely and carefree. Jockstraps have historically provided the right amount of fabric for superior support, breathability, and improved mobility during athletic activities ‒ but nowadays, more men are experiencing the versatility of jockstraps in and out of the gym.

    Made from a luxurious, Lenzing modal cotton blend, Wood's jocks adapt to the natural contours of your groin area, covering the areas that matter most and providing lightweight comfort and softness down yonder. Featuring a non-binding waistband, a jockstrap will add definition to any outfit ‒ MINUS waist bulge and unflattering pant lines.So, whether you're walking the dog, mowing the lawn, grocery shopping, or puttering around the house, you'll forget you're even wearing underwear!What could be better than that?

  3. Fresh, Breathability - Imagine a world where you never experienced swamp ass or the painful sensation of pinched buttcrack and pubic hair. If the image alone doesn't inspire you to stand wide-legged and stark-naked in the middle of a cool summer breeze, our jockstraps are sure to! The breathable, ultra-wicking powers of Wood's Lenzing Modal cotton blend mean better temperature regulation, less stink, and zero irritation. So, even if you're working up a sweat or galavanting on a humid day, the quick-drying capabilities of our jockstraps will provide the ventilation you need for longer and fresher wear. What else is there to wear a jockstrap?

  4. Sexy Confidence - Many men and women will agree: Jockstraps are sexy. Not only does the snug fit and lift of a jock add hefty definition to the genitals, but it also makes butts and thighs look firmer and more defined. Because jockstraps minimize fabric, you’ll also show off more of those abs and pelvic area. So, whether you’re flexing low-key in the mirror or putting it all out there for someone to see, a jockstrap is sure to provide the sexy confidence boost you deserve.

  5. Improved Exercise Performance - We encourage more men to rock jocks (and thongs) on the daily. They are an underrated and far superior undergarment for working at the office, doing house chores, thumbing away on our phones, and yes, getting down with foreplay. Still, we're traditionalists when we also say: You should also wear a jockstrap for sports and exercise! It's obvious why hockey and football players should go with the protective cup variety (and if it's not so obvious, two words: Nut Shots.) But when it comes to non-cup jockstraps, they can go a long way for runners, bikers, weight-lifters, and other athletes in low-impact sports. 

Here’s why: Jocks are specially designed to keep the boys in place and minimize shifting when you're running, jumping, stretching, and bending. They maximize leg movement, and their lift and flexibility also reduce groin strains and keep genital slip-outs from turning into painful injuries.

If you frequently experience aches in the groin area when you exercise, a plush, form-fitting jockstrap can also provide the relief you need. Not to mention, the wicking powers of our Lenzing Modal cotton blend evaporate more sweat, reduce chafing, and keep fitness stink to a minimum. That way, you can work out comfortably and perform longer.


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What is Fetishwear?

Fetish wear refers to clothing and accessories that are designed to be extremely provocative. These fashions aren't usually part of a person's everyday wardrobe; they are usually saved for special occasions, such as fetish play and events. Common fetish-wear items include corsets, catsuits, collars, sexy shoes, boots, skirts and dresses. 

Mens Fetishwear

Costumes like a naughty nurse and schoolgirl uniforms are also sometimes considered to be fetish wear. Leather, latex, spandex and fishnet are common materials used to make fetish-wear clothing and accessories. That said, fetish wear is very personal because there is so much variation in terms of what people find to be arousing.

Bring a little spice into your life by donning a little fetish wear for your lover! You can be a naughty little schoolgirl or a vicious vixen for a night. Show your partner who's boss by buying a slave collar or let them tease you as you wear some bondage gear. There's no wrong way to wear fetish fashions, but we recommend keeping them confined to the boudoir ... or dungeon.

But today we are not going to be talking about Fetishwear, but Fetishunderwear, Now lets get into this topic!


What is the Differance Between Underwear Fetish & Fetish Underwear?

Now that we covered what a fetish is, let’s look at underwear fetishism specifically. Having a fetish for underwear means being highly aroused by underwear or undergarments in general. This can look like many things, and no two fetishists are alike! The fetish can be a broad arousal by all undergarments in any context, or specific to a type of the garment, even down to colour. Some people may be aroused by wearing underwear or by their lovers wearing it, while for others the garment on its own can be the draw. 

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There is also a variation of people’s preference for clean or dirty, as some people may be more drawn to the smell of a worn pair. There’s an endless variation on how an underwear fetish can look and feel to everyone, and there is no one right way to indulge provided all the parties involved are consenting!

 How do you play with it?

Just like human sexuality, there is an endless spectrum of ways that you can play with an underwear fetish. For to some people, just wearing their favourite underwear can be fulfilling enough, while others may want to do a lot more. This fetish can fit nicely into body worship play, as worshipping your lover’s garments can be a hot extension of them. Alternatively, it can be used for humiliation play if someone is made to wear a pair they find embarrassing. This fetish is also one that can be indulged long distance, as some couples are known to mail their worn garments back and forth and can feel closer to their partner by smelling their worn pairs. The possibilities are endless and experimenting can be half the fun!

Why do people have it?

There is a lot of speculation on why people may have fetishes, but unfortunately, not a lot of studies have been done on the subject. Often people who have fetishes find themselves in one of two camps: they have either always had it or can point to one or a few events in their life that defined it.

Some people find that they grew to associate the object of their fetish to their sexuality at a young age while they were still developing. This makes a lot of sense when talking about underwear specifically, as it is already very close to your genitals!

Men's Sexy Briefs

Plus, you cannot deny how sexy certain underwear can make you look and feel. Underwear fetish in that regard makes a lot of sense!

We hope that by reading this you’ve learned a bit about human sexuality today, and perhaps your own!

There is a huge spectrum of fetishes and sexual fantasies in the world and we hope that by learning more you feel empowered to explore for yourself.

Underwear fetish is much more common than most of us think, and there’s absolutely no shame in it! That is of course unless you’re into that too.



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