10 Reasons Why To Invest In Your Lingerie

10 Reasons Why To Invest In Your Lingerie

When was the last time you invested in beautiful lingerie?


If your latest purchases have been strictly practical, it’s time to branch out and try something new. The right pieces can completely transform your feelings about yourself and your relationship. Below are ten of the most compelling reasons for purchasing stunning lingerie, but before we get into that, let´s quickly take a look at a few things first!

Investing in good bras and panties is like a struggle that we girls face very often. Paying heavy bills for the tiny piece doesn’t make much sense. Until you know the benefits of buying and wearing the perfect pieces of lingerie, you will likely have a tough time paying bills for your lingerie. Following is a list of 10 reasons why you should invest in good bras and panties. At Fashion Discounts, we have hundreds of different models to ensure you can find your perfect match today. Check out our collection of the best quality braw because you are worth it

 beautiful lingerie

Purchasing your boudoir lingerie today is a relatively simple process, with a multitude of varying styles, colors, fabrics, designers and so on (and with online shopping now the norm, you don’t even have to leave the house if you don’t want to). However…

Did you know that way back in time, way before our grandmothers were born, and before the invention of the corset and the Victorian era, it didn’t matter if you were a queen, an affluent lady, or just the poor beggar woman on the street corner, purchasing your boudoir lingerie (in fact, any undergarment, for that matter) meant… crotchless?

These days the women's underwear market makes up 4% of womenswear products currently retailing online across the US and UK markets combined. While this may seem small, on a global scale, lingerie is expected to reach $78.66bn in 2027, making that 4% worth owning. 

Few categories have seen such significant shifts over time as lingerie. The pandemic accelerated the already-popular comfort dressing movement, propelling soft cup silhouettes into the spotlight. Consumer demand for inclusivity in sizes and shades has been met by viral DTC brands like Parade and SKIMS, forcing legacy players to finally up their game or fade into obscurity. 


Is Luxury Lingerie Really Worth It?


If you’ve already discovered the delights of fine lingerie, you’ll know what a world of difference it makes in how you feel; both beneath your clothes as you carry yourself through your day and as the simple joy of unwinding in the evening in a butter-soft silk satin robe.

But what if you’re new to the world of lingerie? Surely it’s just a small amount of fabric, right?

Luxury LingerieWhat could make some underwear so much more expensive than your usual department store finds, and what could make it worth it?

Even aside from the reasons why costs are higher for luxury pieces, you may be surprised at how that price difference evens out over time; both from having items you love to wear over and over and from choosing well-made pieces that are designed to last season after season instead of being replaced with the next fast fashion cycle.


Send Nudes…In Every Shade!

More retailers are waking up to “nude”, referencing a vast range of shades, setting a new precedent for inclusivity across skin tones. Several digitally native brands have entered the playing field with diversity baked into their brand ethos. SKIMS offers nine neutral hues, while Heist has developed seven shades of nude, covering over 1,000 unique skin tones. To compete, US brands have seen a more significant shift towards stocking underwear inclusive of darker nudes. Shades on the spectrum of brown are most dominant, making up 56% of underwear, up from 42% a year ago.

However, the UK market tells a different story. Despite brands like Simply Be and Marks & Spencer designing underwear in various flesh-toned shades, the majority of tones in this market is still geared towards lighter bisque hues, equalling 72% of products. This signifies that there is still work to be done to make intimates more inclusive of skin tones.


Size Does Matter!

As a category synonymous with sex appeal, major lingerie brands have rewritten their narratives to represent a broader audience. There’s been a striking shift away from advertising geared towards cis straight men to products designed with comfort in mind, more gender diversity and inclusive sizes. As barriers break down across fashion, the lingerie sector has been one of the fastest adapting categories.

In addition to Victoria’s Secret’s extremely public image makeover, the brand also increased the proportion of styles stocked in fringe sizes like 2XS and 2XL and introduced options in a 3XL. Or then Check out this Sexy Transparent Lace Lingerie Set, it´s on sale at the moment!Sexy Transparent Lace Lingerie Set

Similarly, Gap US and Monki UK have included more underwear options in a 2XL vs. last year. Despite these efforts, all these brands are still focusing on serving core sizes like XS-XL.

Retailers unsure about the payoff of inclusive sizing only need to look at Savage X Fenty and SKIMS.

These labels have an equal distribution across sizes, allowing customers to purchase the same products regardless of body shape. Recently, Savage X Fenty secured $125mn in funding to expand to brick-and-mortar, while SKIMS doubled its valuation to $3.2bn.


10 Reasons Why To Invest In Your Lingerie 


Below, ten of the most compelling reasons for purchasing stunning lingerie:



Feeling insecure? Whether you’re single, in a relationship, or have been married for years, lingerie will grant you an instant confidence boost. Even on days in which you leave your finest lingerie at home, you’ll find the mere knowledge that you own it empowering.



It’s fun to show off your prettiest lingerie, but you can also enjoy it if nobody else knows about it. Imagine going to work, running errands, or visiting a new boyfriend as you wear your most daring lingerie underneath an ordinary outfit. You’ll love the thrill of keeping (and perhaps, eventually revealing) this intriguing secret.



Today’s go-girl attitude is excellent, but when you’re leading the charge at work or holding down the forta  as mechanic at home, you might not feel particularly feminine. Whether you wear a dainty teddy with bows and flowers, a lacy bra, or a sexy corset, lingerie can help you release your inner goddess.



There’s nothing unusual about body insecurity, but unfortunately, it can prevent you from enjoying an intimate relationship with your significant other. High-quality lingerie flatters every type, from curvy to A-cup breasts. You can specifically select lingerie that disguises problem areas while putting your best features on display. You'll feel the proud of your body when you slip into these carefully selected pieces. This pride will immediately be evident to your significant other, who finds body confidence sexy.



Your partner should love you whether you wear sweats or teddies, but let’s face it: if you always lounge in sweats, you risk sending the message that your sweetheart is no longer worth the effort. The occasional use of beautiful lingerie can re-ignite the spark in your relationship; incorporating it into your daily wardrobe demonstrates that you’re on top of your romantic game.



Many single women make the critical mistake of assuming that only ‘smug marrieds’ deserve the best things in life. But by avoiding lingerie and other elements of self care, you demonstrate to yourself that you don’t matter. This will not set you up for happiness as a single, nor is it an appropriate mindset if you’re looking to land a significant other. If you make the effort of a person falling head over heels, you’ll increase your odds of securing the type of relationship in which you might wear lingerie.



Struggling to get out of bed in the morning? The right lingerie will infuse new pep into your morning. The resulting positive attitude will lead to greater satisfaction throughout the day.



Lingerie has a reputation for luxury, but many brands are surprisingly affordable, especially if you take advantage of regular sales. Lingerie could be the solution if you’re looking for a way to splurge on yourself but cannot afford a vacation or a day at the spa.



Lingerie isn’t just for the bedroom; whether you wear it alone or underneath your everyday wardrobe, it can present your natural body shape in its best light. An ill-fitting bra or slip can instantly destroy your look, no matter how tailored or attractive the rest of your outfit happens to be.



If you’re a shopper at heart, it’s time to expand your repertoire beyond shoes and purses. Merely browsing lingerie is a blast, and buying it is even better. Whether shopping online, in person, alone, or with a friend in tow, you’ll have a blast exploring the diverse range of available lingerie and determining what bras to invest in.


10 Reasons Why To Invest In Your Lingerie 


Since those times, lingerie has come a seriously long way, and the garments of today are made with comfortable, high-quality fabrics, and sensual and interesting designs. If you’re now thinking about buying lingerie for your forthcoming boudoir photoshoot, you may be wondering how best to go about it…

  • What should I choose?
  • Which style? Fabric? Color?
  • What would I look good wearing?
  • What would my partner find sensual and beautiful?

The first piece of advice? Relax. Seriously, relax… There’s now so much lingerie to actually choose from, you are guaranteed to find something that will not only answer all of these questions, and more besides, but will add to and enhance your final prints or stylish boudoir photo album.

Additionally, it’s not a given that every single woman on the planet automatically knows their exact size (in a number of places), and exactly what looks good and what doesn’t, and what perfectly brings out their best features. With that in mind, here’s your “10 Essential Tips for Purchasing Your Boudoir Lingerie”- full of quality advice for the seasoned shopper and the complete novice, all tailored (no pun intended) to look absolutely stunning in your boudoir photoshoot.



Before you go out shopping for the perfect lingerie outfits for your boudoir photoshoot, start at home – literally. Check out the part of your wardrobe specially reserved for your undies, sexy or otherwise. What are your favorites? What colors are they? Which fabrics feel the most comfortable on your skin?

When it comes to lingerie, there are no rules… and no wrong choices. Well, let’s be honest – sometimes, just better ones. Finding exactly what lingerie reflects you and your taste will make you feel comfortable as possible during your boudoir photo session. Remember, boudoir photoshoots are the perfect time to treat yourself to new, and maybe different lingerie outfits.


Yes, it was said before, and it’s now been said again! Honestly, if you are finding the whole sexy-lingerie-buying thing for your boudoir photoshoot a little stressful, just relax, and with this article, you’ll be guided calmly through the plethora of purchase options out there. And remember, every quality lingerie store has professional and trained staff to help guide you too.

The boudoir photoshoot experience is an opportunity to show the sensual and fun side of you – the more you relax and enjoy the entire process, starting with our first contact and purchasing your boudoir lingerie outfits, the more you’ll enjoy it, the better your final prints. Sultry, smiling, and sexy looks far better than fraught with worry, rest assured!


If you’re looking for high-quality lingerie that will last, always shop at a lingerie-specific store, and not a lady's clothes store. A high-quality boutique, with global or well-known local brands, will also employ knowledgeable and helpful staff, and have a large and varied selection of styles, colours, fabrics, and sizes.


This is essential advice – get yourself professionally sized. Not only is it essential to be wearing lingerie that is comfortable and, of course, but a perfect fit, its feel on your skin will also make you feel more confident and relaxed.

Did you know that around 85% of women are (still…) wearing the wrong size underwear? Even more strange considering that quality lingerie stores will provide this service for free – 100% gratis.

Once properly sized, you can now use these measurements to help you decide your best lingerie style. Think of buying high-quality, properly fitted lingerie as an investment in you and your happiness and confidence while wearing it.


With the vast wealth of lingerie available, don’t settle for an outfit that is “nearly” right – keep looking! Give yourself space and time to find something that really feels perfect to you. Lingerie is an outward show of your own confidence and femininity. As women, we can be very ruthless with ourselves. However, your partner is not. Be confident, and know that your partner will find you sensual, sexy and simply stunning whatever you wear.


Wearing the lingerie that makes you feel and look good is one thing – wearing lingerie that shows off your favourite features is another completely! It’ll make you feel wonderful and empowered, knowing that your resulting photos and prints are going to do more than just turn your partner’s head…

For example, those women who consider their ample bosom a definite favourite feature may wish to think about corsets, bustiers or shelf bras to enhance what, in effect, nature has already enhanced. Alternatively, those who consider their bottoms a blessed asset may wish to try out the fun and cheeky panties, thongs, or even garter belts.

In fact, accessories or other clothing that add to a lingerie outfit can really be the pièce de résistance. Think kimonos, camisoles, robes, and even one-piece bodysuits. And you’d be surprised the difference a leather jacket or one of your partner’s shirts can make. Unless you try them out, you won’t know.


A simple equation. The better quality of your lingerie’s fabric is the better and more gentle it will feel on your skin. Every single time. Fact. Sadly, cheaper or inferior fabrics may even cause you skin irritation, as well as discomfort – not the best scenario when wanting to look your ultimate in the boudoir.



If you really want an honest and truthful second opinion on something you’re trying on, why not take a friend with you? Taking a reliable friend with you to get the advice you can really trust can make the whole experience of lingerie shopping much, much easier, especially if you are a little bit of a novice when it comes to such things. Additionally, it’s a great female bonding experience. Try it out.



We’ve all been there. When one item from a particular favorite outfit needs to be replaced, in terms of authenticity, the search can often seem endless. Therefore, why not take that said outfit shopping with you, because then you’ll be able to perfectly match style, color, fabric, texture, etc., instead of trying to second guess your memory.



If you’re concerned that everything’s looking a little similar, with maybe repetitive styles and the same sort of colors, be more adventurous – be experimental. One of the best pieces of advice I ever received about buying lingerie was this: Buy something you’ve never bought or even thought of before.

This may be the first boudoir photoshoot that you have ever treated yourself to, so make it as fun, new and daring as you like. You won’t be disappointed. For example, always the classic black and see-through number? Go bright, colourful and fun. And if your lingerie feels a little staid, why not go for the daring and erotic? You may very well find your new favourite style!

What’s that phrase they use in fashion shows? Ah, yes – the “wardrobe malfunction.” In the highly unlikely event of one of those, you’ll find a range of amazing products at my boudoir photography studio for you to purchase. These lingerie pieces are hand-picked and carefully chosen by me- for their style, their look, and how well they actually photograph – an important consideration.

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